The Unsinkable Walker Bean (Graphic Novel Mini Review)

Within a trench deep in the ocean lie two merwitches of such ugliness and rank demeanor… Angry that one of their prize magical skulls has been stolen. They will fixedly search it out over the high seas. Meanwhile, on his deathbed, Walker Bean’s grandfather asks his grandson to return the cursed artifact to the depths of the sea.

A stowaway, a prisoner, a friend, and a mechanical genius… Walker Bean does whatever he can to keep hold of the prize to ensure its safe return. He has a little Tin Tin in him, yet with some reluctance and bit of timidity.

The palette is full of rich colors (the origin is explained in the author’s note), and the illustrations are packed with nautical details. The best drawings are intricate 2-page action sequences. Several plots twists have multiple angles, which adds to the storytelling depth.


The minor characters are some gems: allies on a pirate ship, a narrow-minded father, and a villain who’s hiding some strange secrets.

Overall, a well-crafted graphic novel for the middle-grade reader. Recommended.

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