Miles Morales: Spider-Man by Jason Reynolds (Mini Review)

Miles Morales is your average teenager… goes to school, gets in fights with his parents, crushes on classmates, and plays old-school video games with his roommate. But something takes him away from those ‘normal’ priorities of his life, his spidey-sense. Visions and nightmares, coincidences and cold sweats. Will Miles be able to balance his hectic life and figure out the threats at the same time?

Be forewarned: This is not an action/super-hero/shoot-em-up novel. This is a novel that takes on weighty topics like race, and all the complications of teen life. Yes, there’s some web shooting, but not much. But that is not the focus. Reynolds takes the time to concentrate on the young man behind the mask. It is a much appreciated departure from many of the YA novelizations or tie-ins I’ve read. Recommended.

We’re all looking forward to Miles in the upcoming film, Into the Spider-Verse. It releases on December 14th. Trailer here.

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