God of Gnomes by Demi Harper

God of Gnomes is a LitRPG book that focuses on an entity named Corey who comes back into life inside a God Core. This is a crystal that gives her special powers to advance the lives of the sentients, in this case gnomes, she is assigned to. It takes awhile, but with her sidekick sprite named Ket she takes this group of gnomes from a pretty crappy existence to having a purpose in life.

Relying pretty heavily on descriptions of traditional game mechanics, Harper moves the plot forward as Corey figures out how to convince the gnomes to worship her. This gives her the power to create additional creatures to serve her purposes. This is a really fun aspect of the storytelling… Corey is able to cross a fox with a squirrel and a spider with a fish! She also assigns jobs to the various gnomes… which is also a fun process to witness.

The main early conflicts come from a local God Core who is trying to command his lizard-men followers against the poor gnomes. And there’s also a group of adventurers from the local university who are out to explore the underground caverns where the gnomes live… both pose very different challenges and the author does a great job mixing these conflicts together for Corey to try to deal with. She has this mess of gnomes to get up-to-speed and these groups testing her from both sides, and she’s also trying to remember where she came from.

Ok. So what did I think of this book overall? I liked it. I’ve only read one other LitRPG book and was happy to dive back into the genre. I did get caught up on the game mechanics part of the story at times and it hampered the plot for me. I guess I’m more of run-and-gun first person shooter type person. Not that there isn’t a lot of action in the novel, there’s just seems to be a lot of leveling up and putting together new abilities. Yet, I liked following the progression. I did get just as frustrated as Corey did. She wanted things to happen now! And Ket was there to talk her down… and me too.

A fun read for those who know what they are getting into when it comes to the LitRPG genre. 

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