The One by John Marrs

I don’t know why I’m such a sucker for books being turned into movies. Most of the time I don’t even end of watching the flick! Ha!

Soooo, I saw this great review over at FanFiAddict, and I knew it would be a great read to squeeze in between a couple clunky fantasy books. And as usual, the reviewers over at the site were right. The One combines an original premise, likable and unlikable characters, and short, tension-inducing chapters. I’ve read Marrs’s new book, The Passengers, and loved it. The One is just as twisty and fun!

Premise: Scientists have isolated the part of our DNA that reveals who our soulmates are… One simple test can link you to that person you’re meant to be with.

Characters and Conflicts and the Rest: What is your match is a murdering psychopath? Or lives on the other side of the world? Or you may already be engaged to a woman… and your match is a man? Marrs poses 5 different scenarios and rotates each story in perfectly executed short chapters. I don’t really want to go too far into any one story line because they are so juicy. But if you’re looking for a great thriller/ distraction, pick this one up. Granted, you will have to suspend disbelief a tiny bit, but that’s all in the fun!

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