Devil’s Road by Gary Gibson

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a cover that so perfectly encapsulates what a book brings… so that’s how I’m going to organize this review:

  • Dutch McGuire: the expert driver and all around bad ass. She is broken out of prison only to be coerced into competing in the Run, a Mad Max-style race around an island teaming with Kaiju.
  • The 1973 Ford Falcon Coup: Don’t give Dutch a supped up truck… She wants her old school muscle. And it delivers!
  • The Kaiju on Teijouan: Monsters, Dinos, Shapeshifters. Several years ago The Rift opened on the island of Teijouan in the South Asian Sea and from the multiverse sprouted all sorts of evil. Big and slow or small and quick… no matter what, they are dangerous!

Devil’s Road is an apocalyptical heart-pounding ride that may leave you with a bit of road rash from all the twists and turns. I latched onto the Gibson’s descriptions right away. The Russian prison, the power-hungry billionaire gangsters and Dutch… they all lead to the ruins of the island and the crazy characters she will be driving against.

This is a short book at only 150 pages, but Gibson certainly does enough to place the characters in a fleshed-out world. I liked the shiftiness of the bit players and the overall plot. It kept me on my toes.

For a quick and fun read, pick this one up!

4 out of 5 stars.

Thank you to the author for an advance copy for review.

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