Lando’s Luck by Justina Ireland

Caution: Kinda a rambling review here…

We’ve heard so many references to Lando’s smuggling days in the films, and here’s a story of the Millennium Falcon using that secret hold… crisscrossing the outer rim with valuable merchandise. Much of it illegal. Yet, Lando is in a pinch. He owes several debts to a couple bad characters, and he has a plan to rob Peter to pay Paul. The wrench in the plan’s gears comes in the form of a young princess who has made a promise to return a valuable artifact to her teacher’s homeland. She only has to convince Lando that it is in his interest to help her.

Full of L3 one-liners and dozens of flashy capes, Lando’s Luck is a quick middle-grade read that doesn’t have too much depth, but will entertain you for a couple hours. Rinetta is a plucky tween who is caught between her mother’s expectations and the hold the Empire has on their small world. I liked her ingenuity and courage in the face of bounty hunters and probably more scary, the stern continuance of her mother, The Assassin Queen.

I didn’t particularly like the drawings that accompanied some of the chapters. And there’s really nothing new that this book brings to the core SW characters or the overall SW story arc, but it is fun. Maybe too much bumbling on the part of Lando. I wish he was portrayed as bit more suave… y’know, the Billy Dee we know and love.

I’m a sucker for SW books and always find a little to love about it. A couple new creatures and a cool new world were well described by Ireland.

Pick this one up if you want to check out a decent story of Lando in the wild.


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