The Carnelian Fox, Maiyamon Book One by Kay MacLeod

GEMs. Genetically Engineered Monsters. They have been on the scene for many years. This was the ultimate shift in gaming. GEMs broke the 4th wall and allowed characters to jump out of the screen. All the level ups, accessories, and training… You. You! You can make your GEM into whatever you want. Fire or Ice. What type of attack? What type of defense? Get your fighter in the area or out in the wild and the connection you’ve developed will help you control and win!

Sam has worked her tail off to educate herself and procure her first GEM. And now she’s on her way to becoming a fully licensed prime (GEM handler), and gather together a team of six GEMs, either through buying them or capture. She needs to gain experience, create that instinctual link between her GEMs and herself, and just learn to live in the world by herself. Sam’s first GEM is where the title of the book comes from… Finn is an awesome fire-shooting fox who is on its way to becoming a star.

While I’ve read books that have certain elements of this type of litrpg character/ animal training. And although I’m totally unfamiliar with Pokemon-style gaming, I do know enough to say that this book carries that style of fighting and training onto its pages. Each animal or monster has its own skills and strengths, but as I stated before, there are untold add-ons. Some are related to talents and some are aesthetic additions that really make your style pop!

Sam’s path to independence is met with all kinds of strife… from having to take a new partner in crime to being attacked by wandering monsters.

The writing excelled in the fight scenes… it takes a lot of organized and clear writing to take into account all the GEMs that enter battles. I found these sections of the book worth the price of admission alone. I also found Sam a relatable and authentic character to follow along.

If litrpg and/ or gaming Pokemon is your thing, then definitely pick up this book. You should enjoy it!

4 out of 5 stars

Thank you to the author for a copy for review.

Here’s a link to the ebook on Amazon.

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