YA Friday Focus… Black Canary: Ignite by Meg Chabot, Illustrated by Cara McGee

Dina Lance has enough trouble as a normal middle-schooler, but when things start blowing up around her, life becomes interesting. She’s in a rock band and may try out for the cheer team… the only person in her way seems to be the principal who suspects her of repeatedly destroying school property.

This is a sweet story about a young woman finding her gift and a purpose in the world. She confronts her police detective father about joining the Gotham City Junior Police Academy, but he says Dina is just too young and it’s too dangerous.

I liked this release from DC Zoom. It’s a good intro to a different part of the Gotham world, the middle school world + Black Canary. I’m not in love with this style of art, but there were some scenes that really worked well.

I’ve read the Zoom comics about Raven, Harley, and Mera… and this one is a just as good as those. Check this one out for a cool slice of life/ coming of age story about Black Canary Pt 2.

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