Last Kids on Earth by Max Brallier, Illustrated by Douglas Holgate

My son was sick a couple weeks ago and we were watching waaaaay too much TV. We flipped over the NetFlix and found this new show called The Last Kids on Earth. We loved it. Zombies and Monsters and a Tricked Out TreeHouse! The premise: A group of middle schoolers find each other after a couple weeks of living in a post apocaplyse hell. Jack Sullivan is our cool main character. He’s got a his Louisville Slicer to take out the monsters and a hockey stick to bang zombie heads. He’s got a cool treehouse left over from his foster family… and a bunch of Mountain Dew and candy.

His first goal is to get an eyeglass repair kit from the local CVS so he can fix a special walkie he can use to contact his best friend Quint. Jack’s objectives spiral from there as the pair take in a huge monster/ dog/ pet/ animal, and they seek out Jack’s crush June.

The TV show is really good… but the book is awesome. (My son and I had to pick it up after we watched the show.) It’s chock full of details that they couldn’t really get to in the flick, like sketches of the huge truck they use to buzz around town and knock over zombies. Y’know, those cool pics with arrows and captions pointing out all the gadgets the characters have added to supe up the mobile.

Jack Sullivan is a very fun character who is vulnerable but also has a lot of hope. He and his friends go on all kinds of crazy adventures. There’s so much slime and tentacles and cool zombie bashing. And my son tells me every night that he wants to read “the whole thing!”

Recommended in both versions!

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