James Bond: Origin Vol. 1 by Jeff Parker and Bob Quinn

I played a lot of Golden Eye when I was in college… and my friends and I made sure to tune in every time TBS had a Bond marathon. But I have never read any of Fleming’s books. They have always been on my TBR, but a ways down there. All of these factors brought me to pick up this graphic novel from my Hoopla app.

This is the story of Bond from prep school to being chosen to try out for the secret service. We witness his impetus to join the fight in WW2 when the Scottish ship yards at attacked by the Luftwaffe. He’s a kid, an orphan, and full of patriotism. He’s young and ready to fight.

I liked this volume because of both the story and the artwork. The story gives us a nice frame for the notorious character we all know from the many films that continue to be produced. But it is a vast change from the playboy debonaire Bond we are used to. This young Bond is unsure of himself and doesn’t really have the skills yet to back it up anyway.

The art could be categorized as simplistic, but it felt correct for the era and the Bond mythos. It was detailed enough to see expressions and some good action from all of the drama that Bond stirs up. (He hasn’t started ordering his signature drink yet.)

A good change of pace for the Bond fan.

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