King of King Court. A Memoir. by Travis Dandro

Travis is shuffled from once house to another, moving with his brothers and his mom… away from his alcoholic step-dad to his grandmother’s house to move in with his real dad. There is a risk at every step for this family as his mother weighs the boys’ safety against the wants and needs of destructive men in her lives.

A searing work that shows the trauma through dark metaphor and chilling anecdotes of pain. There are small joys when Travis turns to his cartooning or when he and a friend can enjoy a laugh. I have read several books of this nature, and what separates this one is the dream or metaphorical images that are drawn to represent Travis’s inner thoughts and feelings. With a book that is 460 pages and many of the pages and panels without dialogue, I think it could had used a little tightening up.

It certainly is a rough read, but it is beautifully drawn and there is a hope in breaking out of the cycle of violence and addiction.

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