YA Graphic Novel Friday: Dear Justice League by Michael Northrop, and Gustavo Duarte.

Does Superman ever mess up? Harkgirl, does she eat small rodents? And what about Aquaman, does he smell like fish? The questions keep coming for Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg, and Batman.

This book is a great primer in the DC universe for little ones; I’d say kids about 5-7. Each section begins with a couple-page breakdown of the character… physical traits and costume description. Then onto a little story that includes an answer to these burning questions.

I always like kid books that can be enjoyed by adults too. Puns, physical humor, and some awesome artwork kept me entertained as I read this to my daughter. There’s wisecracks and a bit of ribbing between the superheroes. And the art style is bright, fun, and is a perfect intro to the DC Universe.

Sure, a focus on the characters is great, but this book is especially good when we see elementary-age kids on the page interacting with these Justice Leaguers. Flash helps a little guy through a rough time. And then the last story features the whole crew in on the action.

Highly recommended for early elementary graders who love their superheroes!

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