Mid-Lich Crisis by Steve Thomas

He’s gotta change his ways… he’s just gotta! But when you’ve been The Dread Wizard Darruk Darkbringer for so many years, it’s pretty difficult. You’ve spent your days sacrificing peasants and sending your kobolds to do your bidding and shooting lasers out your fingertips. A 180 is a difficult maneuver… but if he’s gonna save the world, Darruk must be ‘good.’

He has some schemes. Wait! Not schemes… that’s a bad word, an evil words. How about… plans? That ok?

First, he joins a rock band spreading ‘justice’ over the land. Oh, and killing hopping vampires. 2 birds, one pyrotechnic extravaganza… then he becomes a baker. What? A baker? Yep. How the hell will that save the world? I don’t know… Read the book!

Steve Thomas has written a funny romp through one e-word (evil) wizard’s try at change. Some reflection, some action, and a lot of good scenes and turns of phrase. I caught this right after a pretty long fantasy piece and it hit all the right notes for a good weekend read. That short and sweet escape in three sittings. There’s a couple very good characters in this one and Machiavellian good guys, Does that make sense? Maybe not? Welp, that’s ok. I guarantee you’ll chuckle.

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