A Sea of Love by Wilfrid Lupano and Gregory Panaccione

An old couple becomes separated and they fight the seas, pirates, and all sorts of obstacles to reconnect. A graphic novel without dialogue, less than ten words grace the panels of A Sea of Love, but Lupano and Panaccione tell this story of love through over two-hundred pages of beautiful artwork.

The couple wake up one morning just like the start of any other day. They squabble over their breakfast and he gets out the door to go to work on his fishing boat. He and his partner get their boat stuck in a huge trawler’s fishing net… and the adventure goes from there. The wife and the townspeople are worried when he doesn’t make it home. She has no idea what to do and even consults a psychic for answers.


A Latin American dictator, the popularity of doilies, and sardines… they all have a role in reuniting the lovebirds. Filled with some key humor and panels and panels of wonderful scenery and action, this is definitely a winner. The themes and messages can be caught in the journey… the steps it takes for these mature duo to join back up again.

Check out the trailer below!


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