Defining Terms: “At Times…”

I try to be balanced in my reviews and hold off on ranting negatively about books, but I do struggle with how to introduce criticism in my writing. I’ve adopted “at times” as a phrase to introduce criticism in my writing. Does it lighten the affect of the 3* or 2* review? I have used it countless times. At times the pacing, the characters, the descriptions, the execution…

Some of my reviews are done at lists, and for those, I use “Things I loved” and “Things That Were Ok” as my headings. I have also used the phrase, “My criticism lies in…”

How do you introduce the criticism in your reviews? Do you do anything to lessen the blow?

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  1. I still measure my words carefully when introducing criticism, but probably not as much as before, lol! If a negative aspect isn’t a big deal and only affects a small part of the book, then I think “at times” is perfectly fine though. But for books that really frustrate me, I don’t hold back 😛

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  2. Personally, I hate discouraging anyone from reading anything, so I try to be as objective as possible so, when I wasn’t a fan of something, I prefer to use a compliment sandwich where I couch what I didn’t like between what I thought was done well or at least satisfactorily. I also do a brief wrap up paragraph where I try to focus more on the good stuff. I like to think it softens the blow, especially when I read a book at the author’s request, but authors are often sensitive souls, so it’s not easy.

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