Bury the Lede by Gaby Dunn and Claire Roe

Madison Jackson is a new intern at the Boston Lede, one of the largest papers in the Northeast… she wants to be known as real reporter, acknowledged by the editor and her fellow reporters, not just a coffee-getting gofer. Maddison is driven, yet understands the grey that comes with reporting the news.

One night a call comes across the police scanner that thrusts her right into the public eye. High-powered socialite Dahlia Kennedy is found covered in blood with her husband’s body hanging above her… and their young child has gone missing. Madison wants this story, this scoop, badly, but Dahlia won’t talk to anyone until Madison tries. Little by little, Dahlia gives Madison clues towards a dark conspiracy reaching all to people high in the city government.

Madison is a character torn in so many ways… she feels compelled to help her colleagues at the newspaper and yet, she is also tied to a cop friend who occasionally gives her tips. She wants to be that great reporter, wants to do it on her own, and is stuck with the guilt of needing others’ help. And she’s willing to go a long way to get the information… I was surprised at times where she went morally, but what is a character flaw only makes her more realistic. There’s well-written sexual tension inside her, and a completely normalized example of bisexuality. Something I’m now happily seeing in all genres of literature.

The pacing is near-perfect as Dunn makes sure to give away just enough of the mystery to keep the reader turning the pages. And the illustrations highlight the noir feeling of both the criminality of the plot and the anxiousness of Madison’s mind. I also liked the palette of dark blues and oranges and the select bright colors that symbolize the dramatic moments in the piece. Great choices to highlight the atmosphere.

A raw and poignant look at a young reporter quickly pulled into the murky world of crime.

4 out of 5 stars.

Go to the Boom Studios website here for a free preview.

Thank you to NetGalley, Boom Studios, and the authors for an advanced copy for review.

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