Skeleton with a Heart by Michael Chatfield


Jason over at Off the TBR created Self-Published Fantasy Month. Its purpose is to feature more authors and their works during the month of September. Read about more about it here.

Skeleton with a Heart is a semi-serious novella featuring a dark elf named Aila and wacky Death Knight named Anthony. I say semi-serious because while the laughs are plentiful, the writing is strong with insight.

Running from a band of devil hunters, Aila makes her way towards a group of caves and a tomb that may hold a spirit she can summon for help… but when she uses the last bit of her magic-giving Mana she awakens a skeleton with more powers and wit than she can possibly deal with. Out of the sarcophagus comes Anthony… groggy and with a skull that’s a bit loose on his shoulders. They embark on a journey to deliver a message into the heart of High Elf territory. But along the way, Anthony will right some wrongs done by the speciesism of man.

The first book in Chatfield’s new series, Skeleton with a Heart is a rollicking tale of two very different but likable characters. An elf who is trying to stop a cataclysm and a Guardian who has centuries-old amnesia. Filled with powerful familiars and righting justice, this book is an absolute joy.

The worldbuilding only promises more fun and adventure for the next books in the series… and more laughs. Everyone who meets Anthony will not forget him anytime soon. I recommends this book to anyone looking for a quick dip in a world of gnomes, dragons, and a caring reptile creature named Ramona.

Definitely Recommended!

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