The Gutter Prayer by Gareth Hanrahan

First of all, thank you to everyone who recommended this book to me! I enjoyed every page and now will wholeheartedly pay it forward to the next readers.

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There’s so many good things that have been said about this novel… I’ll try to say something a little new. I haven’t made a list in awhile, so I think I’ll do that. In no particular order:

1. Most of all I loved this city. Guerdon is a multi-layered collection of neighborhoods and warrens that reach to the top echelon of power, money, and magic above the ground to the soul-munching ghouls who dwell below. Politicians, gangsters, scientists, patched up denizens of the alchemistic realm…

2. A collection of crazy monsters to freak you out. Slithering shapeshifters… alchemy-infused horses and gulls. And the Tallowmen, who are born from the essence of the dead and molded wax. Alit and put forth as aids to the watchmen of the city.

3. Three main characters whose stories are expertly woven through this story of a heist exploding into itself. Rat: a ghoul who has a loose association with the underworld Brotherhood, and is just on the cusp of tame from feral. Spar: The son of the founder of the Brotherhood. He has caught the Stone plague that is slowly calcifying his entire body. His dream is to one day take back the gang from the new shifty leader, Heinreil. Carillon: A young woman who has run away from her lineage and now has made partners with Spar. In the course of their new heist, she is struck and finds herself enveloped with visions. Visions into the mind of every inhabitant in the city…

4. More about Guerdon: Hanrahan has build a history of gods and war and a collection of peoples. Add a dash of steampunk and magic, and it’s a place I was totally consumed with for my two days of reading. Every time I dropped back into the book, I was immediately taken in. That is the mark of great worldbuilding.

5. One part mystery, two parts gutter adventure, and an imaginative mythos of gods and beings, read The Gutter Prayer from a deep experience into a well-drawn world.

Highly Recommended!

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