False Horizon – A Seth Walker Novel – by Joseph Reid

Joseph Reid’s second Seth Walker novel is a heart-pumping thriller filled with shootouts, close-quarters fighting, and aerial attacks.

When a plane goes down in West Virginia, Seth is sent to investigate. Two flights, a helicopter ride from the local FBI agent, and car ride from the county sheriff take him to the site of a fracking operation. As the mechanics of the plant are about to online, eco-terrorists raid the grounds with drones and hooded ‘disrupters.’ Is the Green Way organization capable of taking down a jet? Would they go that far to push their agenda? Seth must dig through the evidence, literally and figuratively, and see where the trail leads.

Walker also finds out early in the novel that this investigation has funding implications for the air marshals. This heightens the tension throughout. His team is made up of the local FBI agent, the county sheriff, and Melissa Cooke from the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Unit. You may remember her from the first book. They work well as a team, even after some internal federal vs local bickering.

For the most part, False Horizon is a localized thriller that allows the reader to get a solid dose of this part of the country. And even though this is the second Walker novel, Reid provides some backstory of first book. This is informative, but not distracting. He does a good job of describing Walker’s transition from engineer to marshal to field investigator. 

Drones. Fracking. Drugs. Appalacia. West Virginia. Drones, and booby traps, and stink bombs. How and why? Follow Walker as he speeds along windy two-lane roads on the path to the truth.

4 out of 5 stars.

Thank you to Thomas & Mercer and the author for an advanced copy for review.

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