Two Like Me and You by Chad Alan Gibbs

Edwin Green. A young man whose heart was broken one year ago by Sadie Even, now one of the most famous teen stars in the world. Edwin now tries dodge any questions about his ex, but has a secret fantasy of becoming famous himself and winning her back. He has set up a YouTube channel and posts videos of his daily happenings; the problem is that he only has half a dozen followers, so far.

Parker Haddaway. The new girl at school who keeps to herself. 7 schools in 4 years will do that to a kid. She’s turned down countless “cool guys” for dates. Yet, when the history teacher announces a new assignment to interview someone who remembers WW2, she immediately chooses Edwin as her partner.

Garland Lenox. A nonagenarian WW2 veteran who lives at the old folks home where Parker’s aunt works. His stories are crazy… but there might be some truth in some of them. One that he keeps repeating is the story of getting shot down over France just before D-Day and being sheltered by a beautiful woman named Madeleine.

They comprise the most unlikely crew and set out on a covert mission to fly over the Atlantic to find Garland’s lost love.

Let me tell you all the ways I loved this book:

  1. Three distinct voices that are funny, original, and heartfelt.
  2. “In which our hero complains about his assigned seat” –  an example of one of the witty chapter headlines that kept looking for clues.
  3. Hidden and not so hidden references to 90s hip hop, movie quotes, and all kinds of historical mishaps.
  4. A wild romp of a plot.
  5. Seventy years of feelings…
  6. An ode to rebirth, a new start, and a man’s last wish.
  7. A look back at important history from a unique point of view.

Pick up this YA novel that is authentic and pure!

5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you to NetGalley, Borne Back Books, and the author for an advanced copy for review.

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