Eternity Girl Vol 1. by Magdelene Visaggio, Sonny Liew, and Chris Chuckry

Shapeshifting. Fission. The space-time continuum. A need to stop the cycle of death and decay… and bring in new life in a new universe stretching into eternity.

After a battle against a known enemy, a deep gash is cut in Eternity Girl’s psyche. The trauma has made her irritable and at times irrational, and while people have tried to reach out, one ugly incident forces the secret government agency that works with puts her on leave.

Eternity Girl is lost. She sees no reason to continue, but her immortality makes it impossible to take her own life. Stuck in her dark depression with no way out, she turns to a one-time enemy for a solution: to destroy all of existence and end the cycle of life and death forever.

Told with blazing illustrations and references from music, classic comics, and even Peanuts! I was blown away with this mashup of ideas for the first half of the book, yet I felt it spun a little out of control in the 3rd and 4th issues. The 6th pulled things together a little better though. I have to say that the writer took a lot of risks in this one. So many ideas run around the pages, it can get easily mixed up. I think in some ways this mirrors Eternity Girl’s mindset. She can’t tell right from wrong… who her allies are, and what her next decision may be. She cuts people off and can’t control her powers anymore.

This is a really tough book to rate. There’s so many good things going on and the art is fantastic. I encourage you to try it out if your interested in a mind-bending experience that has more depth than the average comic.

14 thoughts on “Eternity Girl Vol 1. by Magdelene Visaggio, Sonny Liew, and Chris Chuckry

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      1. MIddlegme by Seanan Mcguire. It is almost as if I I don’t want to touch it. Because once I do, it will soon be over. I started Remains of the Day via audio and I am not sure about graphic novels. I have a bunch of brilliant graphic novels that came in via the library. Not sure where to dig in. I think I need to take some time and read something that makes me happy and deadlines be damned. I am stressing out to much.

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      2. I have a few really cool graphic novels coming up. EScaping Wars and Wavess, Dumb Living Without a Voice, James Sallis Drive, The Covers of Hellboy, and The New American Gods. I am swimming in novels at the moment. It is a bit overwelming.

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