Kid Gloves: Nine Months of Careful Chaos by Lucy Knisley

A touching, honest, and informative memoir about Lucy Knisley’s ordeals and triumphs on her way to becoming a mother.

The book is broken up into many sections… detailing the myths of each part of pregnancy and Knisley’s own steps through the process. From dealing with infertility and miscarriage to the overwhelming anxieties of bringing a new life into the world and a scary birth story, her transparency is nothing short of courageous. There is a lot of humor, much of it aided with hindsight, and a great deal of good, thoughtful research.

I found so much to love about this book. The wealth of information was staggering and very helpful to understand the full weight of expectations on women in regards to childbirth. Especially, the ancient superstitions and unfortunately, not so ancient myths and folk tales that have plagued women about their bodies. I also found great hope and optimism in the concluding thoughts in each section. While she was fraught with so many unanswerable questions throughout the pregnancy, she never stopped trying with the help of her family and friends.

If you are familiar with her style, you know that her art will take you many places. From the personal to the academic. Holiday dinners, the grueling throes of morning sickness, and anatomical diagrams… nothing is off the table. All illustrations are revealing and frank.

Highly Recommended.


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