Black Panther: The Young Prince by Ronald L. Smith

What a fantastic little book!

Threats to Wakanda force The Black Panther to send his son T’Challa and his friend M’Baku to America until it is safe to return. Once in Chicago the pair attend a middle school on the south side, and the Prince and his friend are in for a real fish-out-of-water experience. Several kids befriend them and they are helped to find their niche in the new environment. New experiences: Pizza, French class, and Wrestling in PE.

Yet, while trying to lay low, they attract the attention of the biggest jerk-bully in the school. Things get a little more complicated M’Baku breaks away from T’Challa while seeking a bit of independence… and then things get very hairy when they stumble upon a connection to the occult… T’Challa is forced to use the gifts his father passed to him when leaving the kingdom.

The Black Panther lore is here with a good dose of action and junior high difficulties. This is quick read that is filled with short chapters that shift the story into gear from the start. I enjoyed the challenges Smith poses for the young men. A very good mixture of Superhero and coming of age friction.


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