The Intern (An Orphan X Short Story) by Gregg Hurwitz

Aurora is high school student who is an “intern” for a slightly older young man running a tabloid news website, Today’s Maximum News, a poor man’s TMZ. They spend a couple hours staking out a church that had been central to one of Evan Smoak’s missions. The rumor is that The Nowhere Man sometimes returns to scene of the crime.

Lucas is more than happy to give out advice to his intern. Some of it may be good, but it’s all laced with haughty, down-his-nose pettiness. When they decide to take a closer look and go into the church, things get a little dicey.

This story is very short. I can’t tell because of those Kindle e-numbers, but maybe 20 pages. Frankly, it’s too short, and Evan Smoak comes out looking more like a pseudo-superhero than a real-life human. Predictable plot, and a thumb-nail look into his “character.” I really like the aspect of The Nowhere Man from a different POV, but I needed more.

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