The Midnight Front by David Mack (Mini Review)

I hadn’t read a book about WW2 for several years before picking up The Midnight Front. I’ve read WW2 histories, memoirs, spy novels, pulp mysteries, and quite frankly, I was burned out. In this book, I was looking for something different, and found it… to an extent.

I found the first book in an urban fantasy series centered around a young talented magician named Cade Martin. He’s an American whose talents for wizardry have been hidden from him. But when his ship is attacked by Nazi sorcerers killing his parents, he is saved by the Allied counterparts and brought into the fold. He’s trained in summoning and using demons to do his bidding. This is the crux of the magic system. And the crux of the plot is revenge. Cade for his parents and each of the others in the Allies’s crew has a reason to fight and get back for a wrong done against him or her.

This is a quick read with historical figures, events, and locations sprinkled throughout. And for me, I had never read a fantasy novel set during this time period. I went in with high expectations and really wanting it work out, but in the end, I found some of it lacking. One dimensional characters and at times, the plot is predictable. I’m not sure if I will be trying the second book.

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    1. I don’t think I spent enough time on positives in my review. The action is good, and the magic system is intriguing. Just felt the main character to be too ‘chosen one.’ And it’s definitely my own issues with the setting.

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