The Best Children’s Books to Read with KIDS!

I spend a lot of time making a lap and having my kids sit in it. My son says, “Read! READ AGAIN!” So, I have to stash some books within arm’s reach that won’t be too bad to read several times in a row.

Here’s a list of my top 5.

GNight Gorrilla

Good Night Gorilla: Put the work on the kid! Few or no words on each page in this one creates an opportunity for you to unload the storytelling. Ask questions: “What’s that gorilla doing now? Uh oh, is that a giraffe? Can you tell me what African ecosystems are best habitats for hyenas?”


The Very Hungry Caterpillar: A toddler science textbook. Your child will certainly be on the way to a PhD in Integrative Biology if you read this book! And little ones love gently  pulling on the holes to turn the pages. And they never, ever rip…


Press Here: This book is the equivalent of sending the kids on a lap around the block.  Get the wiggles out as they press the dots and see the magic happen at the flip of the page. Are you feeling crazy? Are you being called back to read more and more? Then try reading Tullet’s entire trilogy in one night! Press Here, Mix It Up, and Let’s Play!


Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! There’s humor in children’s books, and then there’s pigeon-asking-to-drive-a-bus humor… Every time I think about this I break out in laughter. One time we tested the strength of our “library” bag by trying to fit in all five from the series. We succeeded! And read all five, every night, for the next week. Fun times!

pout pout

The Pout-Pout Fish: Our little ones have a lot of emotions. Every minute of every day. Changing in seconds! Here’s a good book to help them learn about their feelings. The “Pout” and the “Sad” face are always fun ones to practice. Creative rhymes and an expanding series makes this one a good read for kids.


Let me know: What were your favorite books to read or have read to you?  What are your favorite books to read to children?


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