Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America by Jill Leovy (Mini Review)

At its heart, Ghettoside is a page-turning account of a murder investigation in South Los Angeles, but this book dives deep into many issues. Leovy presents a balanced account of the issue of black on black crime in Southern California, throughout the United States, and its history in our country.

The case presented is a drive-by shooting of a young black man in South LA who himself is the son of a LAPD detective. The investigation stalls until it is picked up by a passionate veteran team, and they are able to find witnesses (many who do not want to cooperate) who provide a break in the case. The book follows the police work through to the resolution in the courts, and the fallout the families deal with.

I appreciated all the varied perspectives that are presented. From the struggles of the street to the lives of the detectives and the politics of the LAPD, the reader experiences all sides and all parts of the case. An important read. And very well written.

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