Dungeons & Dragons: Escape the Underdark by Matt Forbeck

#1. Do you like adventure? Are you a treasure hunter trapped in an average Jane or Joe’s body? Go to #3. If not, go to #6

#2. Are you ready to encounter drows, gnomes, orcs, dwarfs, goblins, and huge hairy spiders? Yes? Continue to #5. If this is getting too scary for you, go to #6.

#3. Did you grow up on Choose Your Own Adventure books? Did you ever play Dungeons and Dragons? Do you like fantasy books/ games/ movies? If you answered yes to any of these questions, go to #2. If you’re actually like, kinda-sorta boring, go to #6.

#4. You’re stuck in a dungeon, deep underground. Bound by chains and surrounded by a scary bunch of inmates, you need to decide what to do… Will you try to escape? Will you fight for your freedom? If you want to begin your journey, go to #7. If you are still trying to figure out what end of the sword to hold… Go to #6.

#5. Are you ready to make all the choices? Become a master of your fate? Decide your destiny? Go to #4. If you have better things to do like count tree rings or twist straws and make them do that pop thing, go to #6.

#6. You trip, hit your head, and wake up back in first period Algebra. The End.

#7 Go pick up Matt Forbeck’s Escape the Underdark. It’s a fun trip into nostalgia for some and a new trek into the awesome world of D&D and the Forgotten Realms for others. No matter how you enter the dungeon, you will come out changed. You will be The Fighter!

4 out of 5 stars

Thank you to NetGalley, Candlewick Press, And Matt Forbeck for the advanced copy for review.


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    1. More like Choose Your Own Adventure. Each section of text is a page or two long. If I remember correctly, the Fighting Fantasy books were broken up by paragraph. But I think thematically, they are very similar.

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