The Gardens Between. IOS Video Game Review.

The Gardens Between is a puzzle game that revolves around two kids and the magical lands they journey to from their backyard tree house. It’s filled with nostalgia and some pretty impressive graphics. The story is told throw game scenes as the characters have to carry a lantern up a path through childhood obstacles.

The scenes all feature an island edifice that is created by all manner of building material: video game consoles, found wood, or maybe a couch filled with Cheetos… The player’s goal is to lead the Arina and Frendt to the top of the island. Gameplay is simple: slide your finger to the right and the characters traverse up the path, but slide your finger to the left and you descend. This action turns the island and the player must use that inner camera to “see” what’s going on on the other side of the scene. If your path is blocked you must turn back time/ go in reverse to see what small manipulations are necessary to rid that obstacle.

It was a good struggle for me to try to find the solution to each puzzle… I had to run my brain both ways, forwards and back, and make sure the left hand (Arina) knew what the right hand (Frendt) was doing. There’s an important aspect of teamwork that is needed in the strategy of completion.

I found myself wanting to finish each level to see the inventive art and music of the next challenge. As the levels progress the difficult seems to ramp up leading to more satisfaction in each achievement.

I recommend this one to any gamer looking for a nostalgic spin on the puzzler genre.


Find the game here.

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