Meteorfall: Journey. IOS Game Review.

I don’t normally have time to play games on my phone, but every year I go up to my family’s cabin for about three weeks over the summer and without access to wifi up there, I have been downloading a couple new games each year. I use a review site called Pocket Tactics to vet the games and usually they do a pretty good job. A friend turned me on to a couple deck building games (Card Crawl is awesome!) and Meteorfall seemed like one that I’d enjoy…

At the start of the game, the player is able to choose one of 5 characters to use as your explorer. A wizard, a fighter, or one of the combo characters. Some fill your deck with straight fighting cards and some use magic, but all use a combination of fighting and defensive strategies. You click through and decide where to start the adventure, in the swamp or in a desert. A selection of monsters awaits! Your character will start with a certain number of health and stamina points to begin with, but you’ll get a chance to add on to these as the game progresses.

Game play is easy. You have two choices on each turn: either use the card you’ve drawn to fight or pass on the card if you don’t have enough stamina points or if it doesn’t match the strategy you want to use for this fight. Passing gives you chance to rest and get back those stamina points. You start with pulling three cards per turn and then the monster has a chance to defend itself, but after add-ons and experience your turn will expand.

I found this game fun and the replay value pretty high… It’s worth learning a bit about the various characters to see which fits your fighting style, but ultimately the little story you create with each session is pretty darn cool. I just was taken with cartoony graphics and the funny little choose-your-own-adventure like stories that pop up periodically during the gameplay… Having basically two options in your fighting, to use the card you have drawn or not, made the gameplay seem simplistic, but it turns out that it gets hard pretty fast and you need to use your noggin to figure out what the best move may be. The “level-up” buzz doesn’t wear off.

I had a lot of books I wanted to read on my vacation, but this was a good escape also.

Here’s a link to the game’s website.

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