Discussion Post: What do you want people to get from your blog?

I don’t know if you can call this my mission or what… but I’ve comtemplated it a little about this over the last couple of months. What am I trying to offer people?

Here are some thoughts, but this is definitely a work in progress:

I want readers to find honest reviews of books. I feature reviews of SFF novels, novellas, and short story anthologies. I also review graphic novels of all genres, nonfiction, thrillers, spy novels, and YA. My reviews tend to be on the short side with my take on the initial premise of the book and thoughts on different elements like characters, pacing, and plot structure. I try my best to include some personality and creativity in my writing.  I want people to take away a spark, a love of reading, from my reviews. Positivity and an acknowledgment that every book isn’t for everyone are parts of my review process.

Thank you for taking the time to read! What do you want people to get from your blog?



24 thoughts on “Discussion Post: What do you want people to get from your blog?

Add yours

  1. My goals are similar to yours. I mostly want people to get excited when I gush about books I love, and I love having discussions with readers who have read the same books.

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  2. My main goal is to showcase books in my favoured genres. I know that many book bloggers out there don’t deal with fantasy, science fiction or horror as often as I do so I always hope it inspires some people to dip their toes into the genres. I know for a fact that my reading horizons have been broadened since starting my blog, just from taking in the reviews of other bloggers. So hopefully mine can achieve the same with other people every once in a while.

    As an author myself, I know how much a review is appreciated. So My blog is just as much for authors as it is for anyone else. Everything I review is done on Amazon (UK), Goodreads and Audible (if its an audio book).

    Plus, as a strictly selfish part … It’s just really nice having other bookish people to talk to about bookish things.

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  3. I try to offer a place for the discussion of books. Maybe some books that others haven’t read and might get some value out of. I also love to support authors and the community of book bloggers out there.

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  4. I’m not a very creative person, so my blog is mostly just reviews where I tend to be as honest as possible.. I hope any one who reads them can understand my love and passion for reading… and hopefully find any recommendations from my reviews…

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  5. With book reviews or bookish content, I hope to either turn someone on to a book they hadn’t heard about or where on the fence about. Or, if they loved it, hopefully we can gush together like the fans we are!

    With writing posts, I hope other writers can be inspired and encouraged by learning about my own journey! But I also hope to find some future readers along the way! 🙂

    With personal posts, it’s more to get it off my chest than anything else, but I hope that, if it resonates with a reader, now they’ve found someone else they can connect with whenever they are dealing with that issue or topic; or at least not feel so alone.

    My blog is a really personal space for me to write about what I want to and be authentically me. But, for my readers, I hope they have a space to connect, feel safe, be inspired and hopefully just enjoy what they read. At the end of the day, that’s my goal!

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    1. Wow! Nicole! This needs to be on your blog somewhere. I love all of this and especially your last points about authenticity and a safe space. So cool.
      Thank you so much for stopping by today:)

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  6. Oh great question. I think just to share in the love of books. And to highlight some of my favorites with my Friday favorites posts–especially if they might be lesser known or talked about. Also to be a place to meet other book lovers!

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  7. Nice discussion post! I want people to connect with me on the passion of reading and promote discussion on things they know or don’t! I only promote honest reviews and share all my thoughts, even if it might be a bit long since I do it for myself before anyone else! 😀

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