As a Bookblogger, What Kinds of Reviews Do You Read?

I read other book reviews for a couple different reasons. Here’s a list of which ones I read and the reasons I read each. In no particular order:

1. One- star reviews: For a good laugh. Either UPS has lost the package, or the book came looking like a goat got to it. I know there are many legitimate reasons people leave one-star reviews, but some are downright funny! (And meant to be). Like the one for The Grinch below:

2. Reviews of ARCs I have read: I never read these reviews until after I have read the book myself. I like to get a fresh take. Just the blurb and I’ll dive in. I even try to avert my eye from the other author’s endorsements on the cover. But after I’ve written my review, I’ll look back at other reviewers’ takes. What did they like? What did they not like?

3. Reviews of books in my favorite genres: I’m always on the lookout for new books to read between my ARCs. And I have a good group of trusted bloggers I follow to find good recs.

4. Other reviews from trusted and new bloggers: I try to get outside of my ‘chosen’ genres and search out other types of books the bloggers I follow are talking about. I also like to read other reviews to see the mechanics of the writing. What part of books are they talking about? I love to find creative reviews too.

What types of reviews do you read and why?

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  1. I enjoy reading the same types of reviews. I’d also add reviews of books I hate. I like to see if the person agrees with me (then we can hate together; misery loves company, lol!) or if the person disagrees and instead loved the book (that gives me a different perspective on the book and sometimes makes me realize something about it to appreciate).

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  2. I try to read all reviews written by bloggers I follow. I also read lots of reviews on Goodreads of books I’ve read or am thinking about reading. I definitely love to compare how I feel about a book versus what other readers thought, especially when I’m on the fence.

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  3. I will read reviews of books that I’ve recently read/reviewed (to see a different perspective), I will skim-read reviews of books I intend to read (as I don’t want to know too much). Also I’ll read reviews by my favourite bloggers. I tend to steer clear of genres I don’t read (romance, fantasy) and I don’t read wrap-ups and most blog tour posts.

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  4. I also read one star reviews for a good laugh! For some reason one star reviews are often people mad about ridiculous things, while two star reviews are better if you’re looking for someone who didn’t like the book for more legitimate reasons.

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  5. I love reading other people’s reviews after i read the book. And compare how we felt about the same thing.
    I do read reviews also to help me decide whether a book is for me or not 🙂

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  6. Reviews written by fellow bloggers in the genre I read for the most part. Although, like you, after a review is written I’ll sometimes go on goodreads and see what others thought, especially if it was a book I had mixed feelings on.

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  7. Great post! I’ll click on new (or old!) titles in genres I love and any reviews that look quirky/unusual.

    Like you, I don’t like looking at reviews of books I’m currently reading but enjoy chatting to other people about their opinions when I’ve posted up my own ideas.

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  8. I like to read reviews of books I’ve already read, I like to see what other people thought about the book. By reading their reviews I get another take on the book, it’s neat to me to see what they got out of it, and often times they notice things that I didn’t.

    If there’s a new book I’m interested in, I’ll see what my trusted blogger friends think of it. Sometimes, if they didn’t like it, that means I will, and vice versa, because I’ve gotten to know their tastes over the years.

    I guess it comes down to I see book blogging and reading the reviews that other people have written as a giant book club, we’re just all reading the books at slightly different times.


  9. I do enjoy reading anyone’s review just for the way they write them and what they have to say about them. It’s fun to see how everyone has their own style. I do also like to see what people got to say about the books I’ve read before them. Ahhh and negative reviews are always so much fun to read. Something quite sadistic about reading about other’s tough time with a book hahah

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