Celebrating My 100th Blog Post

I want to thank everyone who has supported me in my new hobby of book reviewing. To my family, for giving me the time to read and write, and the people who have read, followed, and retweeted. To NetGalley, the wonderful authors and publishers who have provided me with the reading material. Thank you! I’ve read some excellent books and joined a very supportive community of like-minded readaholics. I’m very grateful and humbled.

So far, I’ve reviewed 91 books and also posted 9 lists, stories and / or other types of posts. I also have 5 posts scheduled for July and August.

Here are my 5 favorite books I’ve read so far this year in no particular order:

Ohio by Stephen Markley = A superbly-written 21st-century novel set in middle America. Four twenty-somethings are back in town on one explosive night.

Red Card: How the U.S. Blew the Whistle on the World’s Biggest Sports Scandal by Ken Bensinger = An investigative thriller depicting the FBI’s takedown of the main perpetrators in the 2015 FIFA scandal.

The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware = A slow-burning inheritance mystery/thriller taking place in an English country manor.

The Grey Bastards by Jonathan French = It’s been described at as half-orc Sons of Anarchy. It’s pretty awesome. Raunchy and action-packed.

Sadie by Courtney Summers = Dueling narrative threads look into a young woman’s murder. A sister and a podcaster search for the killer. A perfectly paced thrill ride.

And these are my five most-read posts:

How and Why I Became a Book Blogger

5 Great Reads of 2018, So Far…

Have you ever broken the law to read a book? Here’s my story…

A Well-Behaved Woman by Therese Anne Fowler = A novel of the high society Gilded-Age life of Alva Vanderbilt. Fascinating and well-researched.

A Borrowing of Bones by Paula Munier = Two dogs act as the main detectives in this mystery set in the Vermont wilderness. Great portrayal of the canine characters.

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10 thoughts on “Celebrating My 100th Blog Post

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  1. Yay to 100, Paul! Congrats! I see so many posts here I missed that I want to go back and read. I just finished The Grey Bastards (a bit of a genre-stretch for me, but I loved it) and will have my review up tomorrow! And I want to read A Well-Behaved Woman more than anything right now – just need to clear a few SMP books off my shelf. Wonderful job with your blog and I enjoy following you!

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    1. Thank you so much for the continued support. Really helps!
      I really enjoyed A Well-Behaved Woman. I don’t know much about that time in history, and it combines great research with an outstanding story.

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