5 Great Reads of 2018, So Far…

I’m going to start making a weekly list of some of the great books I’ve had the opportunity to review since I started reading for NetGalley in January. My first list will be comprised of books that have already been released this year. I tried to choose a variety of different types of books, maybe one for everyone. Links to my full reviews follow each blurb.

In no particular order:

Luis Alberto Urrea’s The House of Broken Angels. A beautifully written book about a Mexican-American family in modern-day Los Angeles. Over a long weekend, the family comes together to celebrate and mourn members of their clan. Great characters and a joy to read.


Amy Bass’s One Goal. A well-researched and important book about high school soccer, immigration, and community in Lewiston, Maine. A tribute to educators, strong young scholar-athletes, and community leaders.


Joel C Rosenberg’s The Kremlin Conspiracy. A roaring thriller with a Russian/ American conflict pulled from the headlines. A veteran writer at his best!


Kirstin Chen’s Bury What We Cannot Take. A Chinese family attempts to escape Communist China and flee to Hong Kong. A great historical novel that that focuses on the power of one family’s love in face of horrible odds.


R.A. Salvatore’s Child of a Mad God. A violent and raw world in which tribal law and personal morals are in constant conflict. Superb world building and an energy that doesn’t quit.


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