Last Shot: A Han and Lando Novel by Daniel Jose Older

While each separately under the command of the Falcon in the past, Lando and Han had tried to hunt down the same mysterious piece of powerful tech. Now, Han is feeling the pressure of being a father to his two-year-old son Ben, and the restlessness of staying in one spot for too long. Lando lands on Chandrila with a punch to Han’s nose, blaming him for an assassination attempt caused by rogue robots.  Robots that are coincidentally looking for information about that mysterious tech from the past. Each blames the other, and they are soon off on a mission with a motley crew to try to save the galaxy once again.

The Good:

A place in the timeline I haven’t been to yet (at least in the new canon). Ben is a toddler, and Leia is working with Mon Mothma to strengthen the New Republic.

L3. Y’know, that great character from Solo? Lando’s robot sidekick with all the best lines.

The bastaks. A cool new monster that can hypnotize its prey.

Aro, a gungan who helps the crew. A witty answer to Jar Jar.

Peepka, an ewok slicer with an attitude, but a soft spot for Chewie.

The Bad:

Maybe a little too much jumping around than is necessary. (Now. Fifteen years before. Now. Ten years before) So many timelines, from many different POVs, all vying for importance in the reader’s mind.

I was constantly thinking: Why is this part of the story being emphasized vs what I may think is more interesting or important to the overall arc.

Almost a Bro Weekend for Lando and Han. Their dialogue was trying at times.

The Ugly:

A worrt. A slimmy sidekick to the hired Han-Solo-impersonating pilot.

A Pau’an villain. With those teeth!

Han as a parent. His internal struggle was hastily drawn, and then randomly dropped in throughout the book.

I picked this one up last Friday because it was on sale in celebration for the release of Solo. I was so excited about my friends and I heading flick that I quickly clicked Buy.  I liked the movie and was ready to read Last Shot, but it was a somewhat of a letdown. There are some good little tidbits about several of the favorite characters, but there’s just not enough of a payoff in the story itself to recommend with any enthusiasm.

3 out of 5 stars

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  1. I haven’t, and probably won’t, read any of the new expanded universe. In middle and high school I sank so many hours (and hundreds of books) into the EU just to have them wipe it all away with a new contract. It is funny to see things from the EU seeping into the new cannon though.

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    1. I understand. I’m a glutton for a good story in the universe though, and the world-wide discussion, not to mention some good friends, keeps me reading. I’m definitely more selective, but there have been some good ones. (The Thrawn origin story was great!)

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