The Photographer by Craig Robertson

Detective Inspector Rachel Narey has her back against the wall in Craig Robertson’s The Photographer, the latest book in his Narey and Winter series. The case against tech guru and suspected serial rapist William Broome gets dismissed as important photographic evidence is thrown out forcing her key witness and victim to refuse to testify. Narey quickly becomes the scourge of “men’s rights” internet trolls, and she fears for her husband and young daughter. Her superiors know there is a case against Broome, but are fearful to back Narey because of the political implications of continuing failure and embarrassment to the force. Narey has a lot of help in this one, but each ally learns, and the author points out, that they have to “wade through shit to get out of the sewer.”
Robertson’s pacing kept me up past my bedtime, and his witty turns of phrases made me enjoy the book even more. He has infused this one with the very current issues surrounding victim’s rights, the Me Too movement and the men’s rights movement. I recommend this book and the series to anyone who likes police procedurals and thrillers in general.

4 out of 5 stars
Thank you to NetGalley, Simon & Schuster, and Mr. Robertson for the advanced copy to review.

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