Liar’s Candle by August Thomas

August Thomas’s Liar’s Candle is the story of diplomatic intern Penny Kessler’s fight for survival after the bombing of the American Embassy in Ankara, Turkey. Penny wakes up at a hospital the day after a devastating bomb has killed hundreds of people at the embassy’s Independence Day party. She is one of the few survivors and could hold key information to determine the truth behind the attack. Questions of responsibility and international relations are quickly put on the shoulders of this young woman.
Unfortunately, what starts with great promise is burdened with characters who lack the development and depth to create reader buy-in. There are also problems with the dialogue, which at times is trite and cliché.
Overall, a great premise and very good description of setting could not make up for the several faults.

3 out of 5 stars
Thank you to NetGalley, Simon & Schuster, and the author for the advanced copy to review.

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