Good Guys by Steven Brust

Ten pages into Steven Brust’s Good Guys, I was worried. Worried that I had met this premise before. I was right, but at the same time, I was wrong. Brust’s novel starts with the familiar: a detective investigating a murder aided by magic. From Butcher to Carriger to many in between, we are familiar with this plot, but Brust sets his novel apart with the compelling characters, the methods of inquiry, the unique killings, and the world make-up.

Donovan is the investigator, Marci is the sorceress, and Susan is the muscle. They form the Foundation team who tracts down the killer of multiple victims, all who are connected to their rival magical organization, the Mystici. Brust provides authentic background of the forms of magic in this alt version of Earth in the 21st century where there are a select few who have the power to manipulate the natural laws of the universe.

Overall, this novel provides a new twist on the magical mystery. I enjoyed the point of view switching from Donovan to the killer. I enjoyed Donovan’s deductive mind and the interplay between the members of the team. I believe this is a worthy addition to the genre.

4 out of 5 stars

Thank you to NetGalley, Macmillian-Tor/Forge, and Mr. Brust for an advanced copy for review.

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