Hard to Handle: The Life and Death of the Black Crowes–A Memoir Kindle Edition by Steve Gorman

I was 14 when Shake Your Money Maker came out… If you’re able to wear out a CD, I’m pretty sure I did.  It was the vocals, the guitars, the drums, and just the craziness of Chris Robinson. I listened and sang along and pretty much just rocked out for hours and hours.  And when I started learning the drums a couple years later, one of the first songs I learned was Hard to Handle. I even got to see them a couple times, but I definitely regret not getting out and seeing them more when they where in their prime.

Being such a fan made Gorman’s book a page-tuner! But I think if you’re interested in the music industry, the 90s rock scene, and just band drama, you will love this book. Told through Gorman’s point of view, Hard to Handle starts when he leaves college to start a band. I won’t get too far into the details, but he covers the formation of the band, the Robinson’s sibling rivalry, and his personal struggles with fame.

Here’s a couple tidbits without giving anything away… Drug abuse, money grabs, and a lot of stories about creative collaboration. Jimmy Page. Kate Hudson. And several other cameos…

If you are a fan, you’ll love this book. If you grew up on 90s rock, I think you’ll appreciate the drama and an inside look at the music industry.

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