Savage Legion by Matt Wallace

I predict that Savage Legion will be one of my favorite novels of the year.

Three threads that threaten to cross at some point in the narrative… Evie (see cover) has been sent to fight with the Savage Legion, a group of outcasts used to destroy the first line of the enemy’s defenses, but in reality the majority of this force is regularly killed and becomes blood on the battlefield.

Dyeawan is a young woman who is plucked off the streets where she did her best begging for change. She is brought to an island of knowledge just off the coast. There she is given a powerful gift of a wheelchair that empowers her and makes he feel comfortable and appreciated. She becomes part of the secret society that lives there and see.

Lexi is a political leader as her party or Gen is in charge of helping the poor of the Crache living in what is known as The Bottoms. The greater powers in the government know that Lexi’s husband has disappeared and see this as a chance to upend her role. But she is determined to hunt her husband down. Her nonbinary bodyguard Taru is there to help her along the way.

Evie fights with with her bloodied sword. Dyeawan fights with her mind, passing the tests to contribute her ideas. And Lexi needs the political will to stay in the fight. Believe me, she a contributor. Just give her chance!

These three POVs are just about perfect representations to see the shoddy utopian government for what it is. And you can understand the ways each character winds themselves about the manipulations of those in power. They will all wield great power themselves in time and it was so much fun guessing how these transitions would work.

I loved this book. Great worldbuilding combine with unforgettable characters make Savage Legion one of my favs of 2020.

Thank you to NetGalley, Saga Press, and the author for an advanced copy for review.

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