Blankets by Craig Thompson (Graphic Novel Mini Review)

The writing, the artwork, strong themes of first love, coming-of-age, and religion… this is a graphic novel that I’d been wanting to read for a long time, and it paid off.

Blankets is Craig Thompson’s story of growing up in a fundamentalist household in Wisconsin in the mid 80s and as an adolescent in the mid 90s. The narrative shifts back and forth between life as bullied 3rd grader to a lonely senior in high school. Fighting with his younger brother over the blankets on the bed and trying to find solace in his drawings in Sunday school. Searching for a direction to go after high school and experiencing stark isolation and cliques at Church Camp. That is, until he meets Raina and they develop a relationship and a love that will consume. A first love. A love that takes them away from and counsels their familial pain.

A riveting story of truths, exposed vulnerabilities, and innocence. A reflective coming-of-age masterpiece.

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