Star Wars: The Mighty Chewbacca in the Forest of Fear by Tom Angleberger (Mini Review)

Set sometime between the action of Solo and Rogue One, Han and Chewie are on Coruscant and hear of a possible job. Easy money! But it’s a trap, and Chewbacca is forced on a mission to a very dangerous planet with ‘a tall droid and a rogue librarian’ to pick up a dark artifact.


  • Chewie! All Chewie all the time. Sure, there have been many Han and Chewbacca books and now, a full-length film, but this one focuses solely on the big hairy dude. (Yes, I know there was a Chewie comic book series a couple years ago.)
  • Terrible tentacles and worms with hook hands! And each character has his or her own way of battling these creatures.
  • K2 from Rogue One! Y’know, the Empire’s security droid taken and reprogramed by the Rebels. Lots of great lines and some near-acrobatic feats.
  • Breaking the 4th Wall. I really enjoyed when the narrator spoke to the reader. Usually to check in about background info; these sections were excellent.
  • Mayv the Bounty Hunter/ Librarian. Another victim of the Empire who finds a kindred spirit in Chewbacca and his experiences on Kashyyyk.
  • Fantastic Illustrations. There’s five or six drawings by artist Andie Tong scattered throughout the book that really help the reader visualize the planet Ushruu and the monsters it holds.


  • I just really wish I spoke the wookie language, Shyriiwookbecause the narrator refuses to translate any of the colorful language Chewie uses in the book!

Overall, a wonderful hunt, chase, and run adventure for one of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars universe.

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