Card Crawl – IOS Game (Mini Review)

Card Crawl has been my go-to game for awhile. A card/ solitaire-type game with a fantasy theme. Shout out to my friend Jamil who turned me on to this one! Now I’ve spread the word and have several friends who are chasing the treasure dragon.

The goal of the game is two-fold: survive the deck and gain coins. You start with 13 hit points. Each turn the dealer (an angry beer-drinking bull guy) passes out four cards. They can be monster cards, offensive/ defensive cards, health (potion), coin, or special cards. You are required to work through three of the cards per turn. Either putting them in your hand/ bag, taking hits from the monsters, or activating special cards. To win and keep the coins you’ve earned, you must survive the entire deck. And the more coins you earn, the more special cards you can unlock.


I’ve provided a horrible explanation, but you get it after a couple rounds of gameplay. It’s thoroughly addicting and good for about a 5-min distraction per game. There are options to create your own deck and to share with others. I’ve never done this, but figure it would be a good way to challenge friends.

Overall, a great escape, that’s well worth a couple bucks.

5 out of 5 stars.

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