Liebster Award


I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award by Kaleena @ Reader Voracious! Thanks so much for the recognition, and I hope you check out her blog because it is awesome.

Here are a couple posts of hers that I have really enjoyed:

Review of Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hill

Edelweiss 101: Tips & Tricks

Review of Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

The Rules:

• Thank the blogger who nominated you, provide a link to their blog and display the award.

• Answer 11 questions they asked you.

• Come up with your own 11 questions

• Tag 11 bloggers and don’t forget to tell them.

Kaleena’s Questions:

1. What’s your favourite literary trope?

Coming of age. Always interesting to read how a character comes into his or her own.

2. If you could write a book, what would it be about?

I’d probably try to write something ‘creative’ using journal or blog entries or emails or something like that, and it would be bad, really bad.

3. What’s your favourite thing to do while reading?

I usually either ride my stationary bike or eat cereal (Peanut Butter Puffins).

4. What’s your favourite food combinations?

I always like a good burger and fries.

5. What’s the weirdest food combinations you like?

Clam and garlic pizza?

6. What is your most prized possession?

Maybe not prized, but I have a really cool Star Wars watch.

7. Do you follow any book-tubers? If so, who’s your favourite? If not, why not?

I don’t follow any book-tubers. I only have time to stay in the blogging lane.

8. Who are your favourite bloggers to follow on twitter?






The Irresponsible Reader


9. What is your ideal vacation? (No money limits)

I’d like to visit Alaska one day.

10. What’s something ridiculous that you used to believe when you were younger?

I remember being home sick from school one day as a kid. My mom drove me to the doc office and I was amazed that there were so many people out and about. I kept thinking, shouldn’t all these people be at work?!?!

11. What would be the clickbait title of the last book you read?

I just finished a fantasy steampunk novella by P. Djeli Clark called The Black God’s Drums. ‘Habit-Inducing Steampunk Can Make You Smarter!’

Questions: Use the ones above and here’s some to add or subtract. Your call.

1. When making smores, do you burn your marshmallows or just cook to golden brown?

2. What book setting would you like to visit or live in?

3. What was your favorite book to have read to you when you were a kid?

4. What is your favorite book to read to a kid?

5. What’s the best part of book blogging for you?

My Nominations:

I nominate any and all the people who follow my blog to participate. Feel free to let us know at little about yourself:)

FYI: Here’s my Twitter. @Highlander27 (No story at all with the name. I’ve have the account forever. I was forced to make it for work for a seminar I was in and had to come up with a name quickly. I had seen the flick the night before.)

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