Rip The Angels From Heaven by David Krugler

Cigarettes, rye, and a broken honeypot.

At the end of WW2, Ellis Voigt is a man caught between Russian spies, the FBI, and his own Naval intelligence service. Nuclear secrets have been passed and a traitor has been killed. And Voigt needs to string along all sides to stay alive and prove his innocence.

My head was spinning at times with questions like, What’s his plan? Where’s he going? Who’s after him now? I had to mentally pump the brakes to get things straight. Stories are told and retold to a host of agents and it’s the reader’s task to figure it all out.

Voigt has a lot to do to cover his butt: Protect witnesses. Dodge crimes he’s committed. Try to right his wrongs. Duck out for awhile. And as mentioned above, get caught in a honeypot along the way.

Krugler’s writing style matches the pace of the narrative well. Short, clipped clauses create a ‘to the point’ voice to go with Voigt’s sarcastic and wry sense of humor.

The WW2 spy genre is a tough group to muscle into, yet Rip The Angels From Heaven does a praiseworthy job as a unique take on the espionage activities late in the war. As the second book in the Ellis Voigt series, my hope is that Kugler adds to his character’s story.

4 out of 5 stars

Releases on July 3rd

Thank you to NetGalley, Pegasus Books, and David Krugler for an advanced copy for review.

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