Book Monitor: Short Blog Update…


1. Am Reading: The Robots of Gotham by Todd McAulty. Almost 700 pages. I’m working my way through it this week. Robots have taken over several governments throughout the world and now threaten to wipe out all of mankind. It features a fun narrative style and many cool threads to follow so far.  This one will release on 6/19, so I’ll post my review ASAP.

2. Several scheduled posts that will be published closer to release dates. I received several ARCs of books that won’t be released until the fall, so I’m chipping away at those while still trying to read through the ones that will come out sooner.

Kill the farm boy

Review coming on July 3rd/ Book release on July 17th – Kill The Farm Boy by Kevin Hearne and Delilah S. Dawson. Full of belly laughs and spot-on allusions. Pokes fun at all the well-known fantasy tropes.


Review coming on July 8th/ Book release on August 7th – Dopesick by Beth Macy. A griping and important book about the Opioid crisis. Focusing on the Appalachian region of Virginia, I was blown away by her research, her writing, and her strong compassion for her subject.


Review coming on July 24th/ Book release on August 7th – The Point by John Dixon. An action-packed scifi tale of a special school within West Point designed to teach ‘posthumans’ how to use their powers.


Review coming on August 13th/ Book release on September 11th – The Winter Soldier by Daniel Mason. Detailed research and unforgettable characters propel this WW1 story of life in a field hospital close to the front.

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