Starsight by Brandon Sanderson

This is the second book in series that is said to be have four total books. Starsight is a sequel that made me really think about was do I want or need out of a sequel. I like the story to move forward, to get some new characters, maybe lose a few, learn more about and grow into the protagonist, and reveals have to want me to invest in a third+ books. I’ll go through these thoughts and see I can make some sense, ha!

Sanderson definitely moved the story forward. There’s a couple plot twists that may jump a bit/ be a bit coincidental, but I’m thinking that they are timed well enough apart, so I didn’t get frustrated. The basic premise of novel is that Spensa and M-Bot play a little switcheroo to get into a The Priory training program with the mission to steal a hyperdrive to give the humans a chance in the war against the Krell. She takes the name of another alien who was supposed to on their way to the space station Starsight. Spensa’s flying skills are tested as is her newly acquired spying skills.

Spensa’s is challenged over and over and over again and it is great the way Sanderson describes her getting out. It’s like each conflict reveals more about her character. While in the training program she is put in a misfit team and they have to learn how to work together in the training exercises. Spensa and M-Bot work so well together that their squad quickly have an advantage over teams who are pure-species. M-Bot is M-Bot with his quips and attitude, but I think even we see more of him in this book. He has questions about himself that need to be answered… alone the lines of “Who am I? Where did I come from?…”

I think about books that I recommend to my students. This is a series that would be one of the first I would name. The character is one that I have really gotten to like and become attached to. That’s my YA test! I’d say, so far to good for Starsight.

4 out of 5 stars.

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