Kingshold, Book 1 of the Wildfire Cycle by D.P. Woolliscroft

Do you like politics? Do you hate politics? Do you want to be transported to another realm where democracy is valued and everyone takes elections seriously? Do you want to hold you hands over your ears and scream? If you answered yes or no to any one of these questions… this book is for you! Ha!!!

Here’s what happened to me when I read this book a couple of weeks ago. Eeeeeeeeerie!!!!!

Day 1 of reading. In the real world, New Hampshire Primary… In Kingshold, magical Pyxies are released on a retainer of $1000 to be retuned when the ballot is cast.

Day 2 of reading. In the real world, Yang drops out of the race. In Kingshold, Lord Hoxteth is assassinated.

The parallels, the cryptic messages that Woolliscroft weaves into his narrative… I was almost too scared to turn the pages.

Day 3 of reading. The Bard is forced to shift allegiances… the trumpet to the masses. The media eagerly choosing candidates by coin or concession.

My commute is only 15 min to work, ten of which my daughter is in the car. And I will not subject her to talk radio. But every morning as I drove that last 5 min my mind wandered between the dramatic shift from a monarchy to a democracy, and the Presidential race that unfolds before our eyes (and ears). Filled with factions scheming, impressive worldbuilding, and music! I really liked this book. It is the 1/2 turn I need away from this political climate. I cover my eyes, but look through my fingers.

Come for the king’s death and stay for the drama of the election.

Come for the internal politics and stay for the threats of war.

Come for all the points of view… each more fun than the last.

I’m exhausted and a little scared of what Woolliscraft (and Nov 3rd) will bring…

4 out of 5 stars.


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