Breaking the World by Jerry Gordon

Cyrus is a nonbeliever stuck in the Branch Davidian compound after his mom had been taken by David Koresh as one of his wives. He’s quietly planning his escape with two other teens about his age, yet on the morning of the ATF raid his plans are totally disrupted. And after a piece of Cyrus’s ear is shot off in the initial assault, David Koresh uses him (and trusts him?)… to give the press, the sheriff, and the FBI the truth about what’s going on inside the compound.

The standoff reaches a stalemate as the members of the church and David are at odds about how to end the conflict. The church members want safety and Koresh sees it as a chance to promote his ‘message’ of the Seven Seals. This is where the narrative diverts from the historical timeline… CNN is reporting a mysterious illness that is sweeping north from Central America. A plague that has forced President Gore to close the border.

Are Koresh’s predictions of the End of Days coming to fruition? How will this affect the outcome of the standoff and Cyrus’s escape plan?

A fictional inside look at the Branch Dividian standoff takes a left turn into the supernatural. A wild ride of manipulation, loyalty, and desperation.

Cyrus is a very good character. He’s stuck between this newfound attention from Koresh, family ties to his mother, and loyalty to his two best friends. And he knows in his heart that Koresh’s path will only lead to more violence. He’s stuck trying to find the best way out of this no win situation.

An imaginative retelling of an event that sticks in the minds of all Americans and blended with a scary “what if…”

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