A Different Time by Michael K. Hill

A Different Time is a sweet and touching story that reaches across 3,000 miles and 30 years…

I’ve never read a book that is set in my father’s hometown of Visalia, Ca nor in the beautiful forests of Sequoia National Park where my grandparents use to take me. A Different Time begins in 1989 and Lindsey is stuck in Visalia with her mom and her awful boyfriend. She finds respite in her sketching and the trips she takes to Sequoia to spend time with the big trees. As a way to document her inspiration and strike her creativity, she makes video diary entries using a camcorder.

Jump forward 30 years, and meet Keith, a young man who lacks any motivation besides completing his collection of X-Men comics. His pursuit takes him to flea markets all over the area, and on one weekend he finds one of Lindsey’s tapes… Keith pops the tape in an old VCR and a miraculous thing happens: he can speak to Lindsey while watching the video. Thus begins his mission to track down more of this special tapes.

A developing relationship and two evolving characters. They find strength in each other, a purpose. This is a light science fiction novel with a bit of romance. Each thread contains details that flesh out the characters well. The nostalgia of the 90s as well as the Central Valley for me, and the characters who make up the flea market crowd. With just enough twists that will keep you reading; this is a short novel that can be enjoyed in one sitting.


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